Welcome to Makan! Makan is a neighborhood restaurant specializing in Malaysian cuisine based in Denver, Colorado. From savory street food such as Curry Puff and Satay, to popular kuih-muih (assorted cakes) such as Kuih Lapis and Kuih Dadar, we hope to satisfy your craving and curiousity for authentic Malaysian food.

‘Makan’ means ‘Eat’ in Malay. In Malaysia, when we get together with our friends and family, the first question we tend to ask each other is, ‘Have you eaten?’. So, hey, if you haven’t eaten Malaysian food yet, eat some! See you soon!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is pretty simple; we aim to create the most authentic and fresh tasting Malaysian food possible outside of Malaysia. We make our products from scratch and do not use any artificial preservatives. Wonder why that Curry Puff pastry is so amazingly flaky and tasty? They are handmade fresh in-house. What about that delicious full flavored Peanut Sauce? Well, they are not made from peanut butter.

Never had Malaysian food before and don’t know what the real thing should taste like? Well, try our food sometime. We promise you that they are as good as you can get in Malaysia.